How Jumbo Tissues are Different

Tissue is a thin and soft material used for a variety of purposes like cleaning, wiping, hygiene reasons, wrapping, table napkins etc. It’s become a common commodity found at homes too.

For the manufacture of Tissue World Jumbo Roll Tissue, softwood and hardwood are collected. The bark of the wood is removed and the woods are chopped using machines into smaller pieces and then separated to make batches. This chopped wood is put into many chemicals and a huge quantity of water and heated for a few hours. Within a few hours, a pulp/ slurry is formed. This slurry contains cellulose fibers, lignin and some other residues. The lignin and other residues are washed out before the pulp is bleached. The pulp is then mixed with a lot of water and this mixture is sprayed on screens of mesh to remove the water. If the lignin does not get washed out properly, then the paper will turn yellow with time. The material on the screen of mesh is then pressed to remove as much water as possible, then dried. It is later scrapped off from the surface of the screens using metal blades and rolled on jumbo reels. This forms the parent tissue reel. The difference between a normal tissue roll and a jumbo tissue comes in during the process of tissue conversion. During conversion, the jumbo tissues are cut to have bigger width and more length and are wound on cardboard rolls. These are then packed and sent off to the market.

In places such as public restrooms and industries where tissues need to be present in large quantities, it is more convenient if the size of the roll of tissue is also bigger. If the regular sized tissue rolls are opted for, it will have to be restocked fast. To avoid this hassle, jumbo roll tissue suppliers started producing jumbo tissue rolls. They are big enough to replace ten regular rolls of tissue and are more economical. This introduction of Jumbo Roll Tissue, has many  benefits like it prevents theft of the tissue roll as it’s difficult to steal it without people noticing it, a person using the restroom will be more comfortable etc.

They can also be used for domestic purposes where tissues are used like towels to wipe utensils dry of to wipe wet hands, clean a spilling etc. Since they are more economical, it also as a cost saver.

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