Papers in everyday life

Paper is a commodity we come across every day in our lives. Starting from the daily newspapers to tissues, clearly

papers dominate our lives. This explains why the paper industry is one of the largest industries in the world.

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In schools, papers are used for conducting examinations, for writing assignments etc. Students learn from books that

are made of paper. In the newspaper industry, papers are used to print the daily newspapers. It is estimated that 24

billion newspapers are published in America alone.

Papers are also used for publishing books. According to sources, around 129 thousand million books are published every

year all over the world. These are industries which we know need paper as their main job is printing and publishing, but

there are numerous other industries which use paper but not for printing or publishing.

The cigarette industry: the outer covering of a cigarette is paper. The soap industry: the soaps are sold in paper

covers. Toothpaste comes in a paper cover too. Playing cards are made out of paper. Labels on bottles, Name tags are

all made from some kind of paper. Tablet strips are put in boxes made out of paper, masking tape is made of paper. Paper

bags are used to carry groceries from the supermarkets etc.

The government offices use paper for a variety of reasons too. Marriage certificates, vehicle registration papers,

mortgage papers, legal affidavits, different permits etc. are all printed on paper.

Another type of paper widely in use are the tissues. There are many different types of tissues: toilet tissue,

facial tissue, paper towels, table napkins, wrapping tissues etc. Tissues are made almost the same way as papers. Toilet

tissues are available as 1-ply and 2-ply. The only difference in these two is that 1-ply just has one layer of tissue

whereas 2-ply has 2 layers of tissue. The only difference between the different types of tissues is that the manufacturing

companies use slightly different chemicals to treat the pulp required to make the tissues.

Paper expo/exhibition are held where conferences and exhibitions of paper are conducted. Many different paper and pulp

companies get together during this exhibition and discuss about their product variety and the other services they render

to the other related industries. They use this platform to discuss the new opportunities in the field of paper industries.

These exhibitions are also attended by the printers, publishers, investors, promoters, R&D professionals etc.

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