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Guide to Buying a Smart Toilet for Your Home

Do you live in Singapore? Do you want to make your bathroom look stylish and modern? If yes, you should consider investing in a smart toilet.

Unlike regular toilets, smart toilets come with an array of features and are super comfortable to use. Even more, they are water efficient and can add a touch of class to any bathroom.

If you are considering upgrading your toilet to a smart one, but don’t really know much about smart toilets, you are going to benefit from this article.

The following article by Brenna Miles is basically a how-to guide to buying a smart toilet.

What Is a Smart Toilet and Should You Buy One?

A smart toilet is a device with many built-in features such as an automatic dryer, heated seat, and more. For smart homes around the world, smart toilets are becoming the norm, but are they really worth purchasing one? Read more here.

Surely, you now know a thing or two about the history, types, and features of smart toilets. You also now know some pros and cons of owning a smart toilet in Singapore. Since you are new to smart toilets, you are likely going to have loads of questions about the smart toilet market in Singapore and a few other things. Read the next article to find out more.

The following article by Marketresearch sheds light on some intricate details about the smart toilet market size in Singapore.

 Smart Toilet Market Size

A smart toilet is defined as a toilet device that automatically opens up and flushes atoilet or urinal when finished. It comprises of hardware components such as water jets, bottom washers, blow dryers, and artificial flush sounds to mask noises.  Read more here.  

As can be seen from the above article, the smart toilet market is growing massively in Singapore and other parts of the world. Increasing urbanization, energy conservation, and rising awareness of water conservation and a few other factors have contributed massively to the growth of the smart toilet market in Singapore.

The following article by Hong Xinying will give you a clear picture of what bathrooms will look like in the future.

What Will Bathrooms Of The Future Look Like?

Given the growing ubiquity of smart home devices, it’s quite evident that technology will continue to shape the ways we live, work, and play—and good design will help make it a more seamless part of our daily livesRead more here.

The above article is indeed an eye-opener and a must-read for Singaporeans who love technology and luxury. The article brought to life how technology is going to transform the way bathrooms are going to look in the future. As the years gradually go by, more and more amazing bathroom designs are definitely going to spring up.


Smart toilets are currently taking center stage in Singapore, as a lot of people are purchasing it each day.

As you likely now know, smart toilets have a lot more to offer than regular toilets. They feature everything from an automatic lid, seat warmer, and night light, just to mention a few.

Granted, smart toilets are somewhat pricy, but that shouldn’t deter you from purchasing them. You see, smart toilet has a lot of amazing features and functions that are definitely going to impress you.

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