King Size Mattress vs Queen Size Mattress – Which is Better for you?

The only significant difference between a king and queen size mattress is in width but not in length. While a king size bed offers ample space for stretching, a queen size bed doesn’t have such and thus a perfect fit for smaller bedrooms with little space.

King Size for a Roomier Bed?

Because of its width, a king size mattress can comfortably contain two average – sized adults with enough space for each comfortably stretch out. Meanwhile, a queen size bed would put two persons of same size too close to each other with little or no room for stretching out, and this can negatively affect sleep.

Queen Size for a Larger Bedroom?

As much as king size mattresses might be more comfortable for sleep and a most preferred choice to couples, as it allows a couple to spread out, they are more costly than queen size mattress and are very heavy to move and require a large bedroom too. This challenge of space consumption makes it not an option for some homes as their apartments are relatively very small.

Other Considerations:

One of the best ways to knowing if a king size bed will fit in a particular bedroom is to make sure that after the bed is placed with other furniture like lampshade and dressing cabinet, there will still be some space to about 6 ft. (61 cm)  outside the bed for enough walk-able room.

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