Fat Freezing: The Whole Truth

There are many types of fat reduction treatments available and many of your friends or colleagues might have seen benefits of such treatments but that doesn’t mean that such a process will work with you too.

Fat freezing is the latest technique that is used by therapists to remove fat from a specific area of the body. This process came into the world in the year 2010 when it has got approval from the FDA. Now, 10 years later, many studies have been performed and it is found that this is the safest and most successful treatment to reduce fat through fat freezing.

Let’s dig deeper into Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is typically and technically known as cryolipolysis which is a non-invasive method to freeze the fat cells so that to get rid of fat bulges. Fat freezing usually works by sucking the skin into a cup so that to crystallize the fat cells. The process doesn’t take more than an hour. The discomfort in this process is very minimal. People may only feel the cooling sensation initially and the area gets numb.

As per FDA, soon after the process, within 6 months an average of 19% of the fat has been reduced. This process is catching its fire all over the world. This process is also promoted by the dermatologists and medical practitioners too.

Understand the purpose and applications

If you are looking to forward to have this treatment, make sure you are aware of the limitations. Fat freezing is an intent to reduce the appearance of fat bulges and it’s not an obesity treatment. You can get a specific body part fat reduces like thighs, upper arm, abdomen, banana handles, and breasts.

What to expect post-treatment

After the treatment, the patient might not notice anything, but it might take from 4 months to 5 months to see the changes. You will also notice that you didn’t have any kind of weight loss. The most distressing condition of fat freezing is the reduction of men’s breast size. This is one of the most popular treatments in the list of fat freezing. This test has been performed on 21 men in the year 2015 and after some time, 89% of them have got an attractive chest and the rest are satisfied that they now don’t have to face any sort of embarrassment because of their bulgy chests. All of them felt that their quality of life has been improved and now they are more confident in front of people.

The risk only involves that there can be irregular and uneven fat removal, but you don’t have to worry, within a week or a month you will find that area is getting even.

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