Types of Cellulite Treatments Available in Singapore

Now, almost 85% of women in Singapore worry about their orange-colored peel skin that occurred by cellulite. It is tough for them wear certain clothing, because of the appearance of cellulite. Notably, they apply well-branded moisturizers to get a cure from this unwanted skin problem. Still, the results are unsuccessful in most cases. Also, they have changed their lifestyle to get rid of cellulite skin. Most attempt healthy eating plan instead of any junk foods, drink less amount of alcohol, and maintain a regular exercise plan. But they don’t get any visible outcomes. Frustrated, some will then turn to cellulite treatments for body at aesthetic clinics.

A Brief Idea on Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite removal action is a non-surgical, non-invasive skin fat reduction system. It is efficient enough to provide you soft, smooth skin texture on your lumpy areas. The experts prefer BTL Exilis Ultra with Acoustic Shockwave therapy to treat the removal of orange peel skin from the targeted area. Most surprisingly, from this treatment, the patients get back their smoother and glowing skin without any surgery and downtime. It may tighten up your skin and improves the elasticity of your skin.

Initial Steps and Prep to Treat Cellulite

The cellulite treatment starts with brushing your body to wake up your skin. Later, it follows to detox massage in the deeper tissues with the targeted areas of stubborn fatty cellulite cells. The process encourages to eliminate and release the toxins from the specific skin areas. The overall treatment followed by the therapeutic, detoxifying properties of essential oils to stimulate and clean excessive fat cells and body fluid from detox massage. It is a body toning and slimming treatment for improving the body contours and smoother skin.

Actual Process of Most Cellulite Treatments

Firstly, the BTL-X-Wave machine sends maximum energy vibrations into the soft tissues below the skin to break down and release fatty deposits. These excessive fatty cells are mainly responsible for appearing cellulite skin. When fatty tissues are broken down, these can be eradicated from the body through the lymphatic system as toxins and fluids. This newly invented technology also helps to booster collagen regeneration. The new collagen reforms, when vibrations break down the fat cells.

As a result, the new collagen ensures a stronger barrier to reduce the risk of developing cellulite cells again in the future. The patients can feel the positive outcomes within just four seasons. According to the registered beauty experts of Singapore, the BTL Exilis Ultra delivers ultrasound and radio-frequency therapy to firm the skin and eliminate cellulite tissues.

The application of radiofrequency therapy taken as the heating and cooling technique treats the body at different depths. The energy enters the deeper part of the skin of fat areas safely to break down the fatty cells. The therapist can control the temperature to make you comfortable at all the spheres during the treatment. 


Undoubtedly, different types of cellulite removal treatments are available in Singapore. Nevertheless, the customers should only patronize the government’s registered aesthetic and beauty clinics for both safe and effective results and treatments.

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