Growing Technologies of Modern World

Growing Technologies of Modern World

No doubt that the world has been converted into a global village by internet and this is aiding help in improving the lifestyles of the human beings and making it more comfortable. Internet and Telecommunication both together are growing their use and scope in every field of life and it has been difficult to live in a world without internet and telecommunication. Consider living a day without internet and telecommunication, it will feel like a dreadful nightmare. At the same time Industries are also growing day by day and are advancing in the use of technology. Those industries or companies which are fast-paced and are running with the speed of time by adopting the modern trends and techniques of production are growing faster against those which are still using old traditional techniques. The latest technologies have not only reduced the human effort, time, and work force to complete a task in industries or companies but also increased their profitability and accuracy.

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An amazing article about such technique i.e. Smart Manufacturing,  could be read here which is written by Ellen McKewen.

What is Smart Manufacturing?

Over the past several years, the topic of Smart Manufacturing has been a conversation among manufacturing experts, strategists and thought leaders. However, despite its recent coverage in the press and in journal articles, many in the front lines of manufacturing aren’t quite sure what Smart Manufacturing entails, its importance or how it’s even relevant to their organization. Read more here!

Smart manufacturing technique has been under consideration and discussion since a long time but most of us are still unaware that what it actually is? And how does it work? The ‘Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition’ (SMLC) defines it as ‘It is the ability to solve existing and future problems via an open infrastructure that allows solutions to be implemented at the speed of business while creating advantaged value. As per this definition, Smart Manufacturing basically quotes the skills for solving all present and future problems precisely within a short limited time by adding benefit to the company or organization. And this quick and accurate solutions to all problems is dependent upon the connectivity of the machines and systems working in the industries effectively as to respond any issue or fault within minimum possible time and rectify it wherever possible. Also, in the production perspective, instructions must be given to heavy and latest machineries through Human Machine Interfaces and with the help of latest technologies directly connected with internet. Another interesting article about the similar topic by the team Otto Motors could be read here.

Smart Factory and its impact on Manufacturing

The term describes an environment where machinery and equipment are able to improve processes through automation and self-optimization. Read more here!

A factory becomes smart when there is use of Smart Manufacturing. And this all is possible with the help of industrial automation and control of the processes. Different technologies are used in industries as to improve the efficiency and production. Like, sensors are being used in every single equipment to check its proper operation, maintenance plan and failure causes. Self-driving vehicles are also another example where the sensor based vehicles are auto derived without any driver which improves the efficiency and reduces the labor cost. Such robotics are programmed to sense and avoid the people or other unwanted obstruction in the way to their destination. Advantages of Smart factory are not only limited to just the physical production of goods but also into the functions like supply chain, planning, logistics, and even in product development. Another brilliant article about Smart Manufacturing & Smart Factory could by the team of Market Research Blog could be read here.

Important Things to know about Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing is a broad concept; it is not something that can be implemented in a production process directly. It is a combination of various technologies and solutions which collectively, if implemented in a manufacturing ecosystem, is termed smart manufacturing. Read more here!

Nowadays companies are investing and exploring the new methods of increasing their profit by the use of less possible efforts and investment. And for this, the companies are implementing Smart Manufacturing tools with the help of, production and control, IT and connectivity solution providers. Such solution providers help, in developing the automation products, in monitoring, analytics infrastructures and the building control, and also facilitate the easy flow of data for asset management. Smart manufacturing is all about artificial intelligence and robotics.

The conclusion of this whole discussion ends at the point that Smart Factories are nothing without the implementation of Smart Manufacturing Techniques and Smart Manufacturing is the future for all small and big industries.