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A Definitive Guide to Choosing the Right Toilet Bowl for Your Bathroom in Singapore

How do you feel when you enter your bathroom?

If you feel uneasy and want to leave as quickly as possible, chances are, it is in bad condition.

A simple way to revamp your bathroom and make it more appealing to the eyes is by changing your toilet bowl.

See, you don’t have to change your toilet bowl only when it is faulty. If it is old and doesn’t really match with the décor of your home, you should consider upgrading it.

As you likely know, there are numerous top-notch stores that offer premium quality toilet bowls in Singapore

Visiting any of them without learning a thing or two about what makes a good toilet bowl is by no means a good idea, as you may end up purchasing the wrong toilet bowl for your bathroom.

The following article by Sghomeneeds contains basically everything you need to about toilet bowls.

How to Select the Right Toilet Bowl for Your Bathroom

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The above article is indeed an eye-opener and a must-read for anyone clueless about toilet bowls. The article brought to light everything from the main types of toilet bowls in Singapore to some critical factors to consider before choosing any toilet bowl. If you come across two or more high-quality toilet bowls and can’t choose between them, you are going to find the next article useful.

The following article by Hupfarri-otto sheds light on some tips that will help you choose a good toilet bowl.

5 Tips for Choosing your Toilet Bowl

It is not difficult to buy a toilet bowl in Singapore. Many bathroom warehouses offer similar-looking modelsRead more here.

After reading the above article, you surely now know the single most important thing you need to consider before buying any toilet bowl – Quality. The article also unveiled some 5 tips that will help you narrow down the right toilet bowl for your bathroom. 

That said, if you are looking for something different from the regular toilet bowls on the market, the next article is for you.

The following article by Renonation is a detailed review of one of the best luxury toilet bowls in Singapore.

You’ll want to Visit the Toilet More Often

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The above article has definitely broadened your perspective and helped you realize that all toilet bowls aren’t made the same. The Geberit Monolith Puro, which was reviewed in the article, is super easy to maintain, has water-saving features, easy to flush, and has a chic and luxurious design. If you have cash, you should consider purchasing it.

Final note

The toilet is one of the most important parts of the home, yet most people don’t pay attention to it.

See, you don’t have to be like everybody else, especially if your toilet bowl is old and ugly.

Changing your toilet bowl will not only make your bathroom look better but will also make you more comfortable and at ease when you are using it.

Before choosing any of the many high-quality toilet bowls in Singapore, it is critical that you first consider the design and aesthetics of your home and a few other factors.

Types of Cellulite Treatments Available in Singapore

Now, almost 85% of women in Singapore worry about their orange-colored peel skin that occurred by cellulite. It is tough for them wear certain clothing, because of the appearance of cellulite. Notably, they apply well-branded moisturizers to get a cure from this unwanted skin problem. Still, the results are unsuccessful in most cases. Also, they have changed their lifestyle to get rid of cellulite skin. Most attempt healthy eating plan instead of any junk foods, drink less amount of alcohol, and maintain a regular exercise plan. But they don’t get any visible outcomes. Frustrated, some will then turn to cellulite treatments for body at aesthetic clinics.

A Brief Idea on Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite removal action is a non-surgical, non-invasive skin fat reduction system. It is efficient enough to provide you soft, smooth skin texture on your lumpy areas. The experts prefer BTL Exilis Ultra with Acoustic Shockwave therapy to treat the removal of orange peel skin from the targeted area. Most surprisingly, from this treatment, the patients get back their smoother and glowing skin without any surgery and downtime. It may tighten up your skin and improves the elasticity of your skin.

Initial Steps and Prep to Treat Cellulite

The cellulite treatment starts with brushing your body to wake up your skin. Later, it follows to detox massage in the deeper tissues with the targeted areas of stubborn fatty cellulite cells. The process encourages to eliminate and release the toxins from the specific skin areas. The overall treatment followed by the therapeutic, detoxifying properties of essential oils to stimulate and clean excessive fat cells and body fluid from detox massage. It is a body toning and slimming treatment for improving the body contours and smoother skin.

Actual Process of Most Cellulite Treatments

Firstly, the BTL-X-Wave machine sends maximum energy vibrations into the soft tissues below the skin to break down and release fatty deposits. These excessive fatty cells are mainly responsible for appearing cellulite skin. When fatty tissues are broken down, these can be eradicated from the body through the lymphatic system as toxins and fluids. This newly invented technology also helps to booster collagen regeneration. The new collagen reforms, when vibrations break down the fat cells.

As a result, the new collagen ensures a stronger barrier to reduce the risk of developing cellulite cells again in the future. The patients can feel the positive outcomes within just four seasons. According to the registered beauty experts of Singapore, the BTL Exilis Ultra delivers ultrasound and radio-frequency therapy to firm the skin and eliminate cellulite tissues.

The application of radiofrequency therapy taken as the heating and cooling technique treats the body at different depths. The energy enters the deeper part of the skin of fat areas safely to break down the fatty cells. The therapist can control the temperature to make you comfortable at all the spheres during the treatment. 


Undoubtedly, different types of cellulite removal treatments are available in Singapore. Nevertheless, the customers should only patronize the government’s registered aesthetic and beauty clinics for both safe and effective results and treatments.

Fat Freezing: The Whole Truth

There are many types of fat reduction treatments available and many of your friends or colleagues might have seen benefits of such treatments but that doesn’t mean that such a process will work with you too.

Fat freezing is the latest technique that is used by therapists to remove fat from a specific area of the body. This process came into the world in the year 2010 when it has got approval from the FDA. Now, 10 years later, many studies have been performed and it is found that this is the safest and most successful treatment to reduce fat through fat freezing.

Let’s dig deeper into Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is typically and technically known as cryolipolysis which is a non-invasive method to freeze the fat cells so that to get rid of fat bulges. Fat freezing usually works by sucking the skin into a cup so that to crystallize the fat cells. The process doesn’t take more than an hour. The discomfort in this process is very minimal. People may only feel the cooling sensation initially and the area gets numb.

As per FDA, soon after the process, within 6 months an average of 19% of the fat has been reduced. This process is catching its fire all over the world. This process is also promoted by the dermatologists and medical practitioners too.

Understand the purpose and applications

If you are looking to forward to have this treatment, make sure you are aware of the limitations. Fat freezing is an intent to reduce the appearance of fat bulges and it’s not an obesity treatment. You can get a specific body part fat reduces like thighs, upper arm, abdomen, banana handles, and breasts.

What to expect post-treatment

After the treatment, the patient might not notice anything, but it might take from 4 months to 5 months to see the changes. You will also notice that you didn’t have any kind of weight loss. The most distressing condition of fat freezing is the reduction of men’s breast size. This is one of the most popular treatments in the list of fat freezing. This test has been performed on 21 men in the year 2015 and after some time, 89% of them have got an attractive chest and the rest are satisfied that they now don’t have to face any sort of embarrassment because of their bulgy chests. All of them felt that their quality of life has been improved and now they are more confident in front of people.

The risk only involves that there can be irregular and uneven fat removal, but you don’t have to worry, within a week or a month you will find that area is getting even.

All You Need to Know About Cryo Fat Freezing

There are many procedures of fat freezing and one of them is cryo fat freezing. Cryo fat freezing is a technique that is used to reduce body fat from a specific part of the body. Cryo fat freezing is a sculpting technology that allows one to remove the fat bulges of the body. This process is also known as cryolipolysis.

Cryolipolysis is a medical procedure that uses freezing temperatures to reduce fat. In this process, the temperature ranges from -5 to +5 deg Centigrade. This process helps by removing the stubborn fat from a specific part of a body.

Cryolipolysis basically is a non-invasive procedure in which a controlled temperature is applied to the body part which breaks down the fat cells resulting in fat loss. This process helps in maintaining the contours of the body. This process is completely safe and does not require any kind of cuts of surgeries. Cryolipolysis is approved by FDA and it is found that one can get up to 20% of fat reduction.

This process targets fatty areas that usually do not respond to any kind of exercise or a healthy diet. In the treatment, controlled freezing technology is used to crystallize the fat cells. In this process, only the fat cells are frozen keeping the rest of the tissues unharmed.

Within just a few minutes of treatment, you will feel intense cooling on the treating part of the body. You might feel some pulling sensation just because the machine uses suction to target an area. Within just some minutes, the area becomes numb and then it starts working on the fat cells.

After the treatment, you will feel some tickling sensation in the affected area as the area is messages for a couple of minutes. The fat cells are condensed which results in the reduction of the fat layer. You might not notice any kind of effect soon after the treatment but within just some weeks you will start feeling the change.

Who is suitable for such treatments?

This process is suitable for both men and women which includes the areas as flanks, abdomen, love handles, tummy, belly, and thighs. You must note that this process is not a weight-loss treatment or obesity treatment. People who are ideal for this have to undergo the treatment who have nearly ideal body weight. However, even after the treatment people have to follow a healthy diet along with regular exercise. You might also notice the stubborn bulges that are not disappeared.

Safety and side effects

This process is completely safe and has a high success rate than any other fat reduction process. There is very minimal downtime and you don’t need any kind of recovery period. Patients can even resume their day-to-day activities from the next day itself.

Possible side effects that may be seen immediately after the treatment are redness in the area, some itching, blanching, firmness, stinging and swelling. However, these are temporary and would be invisible within some days. Make sure that you give some time to see the effects.

What to Expect Before and After a Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee surgery is becoming one of the most common bone surgeries in most countries. Living with pained knees will really hinder you from doing things, from the simplest to complex things. Damaged knee cartilage will cause extreme pain due to bones grinding against each other when movement is detected. Knee replacement surgery helps in replacing the lost cartilage to restore its former function to the knee.

Many people who have gone through the surgery see a huge improvement in pain and their ability to get around. Arthroplasty is a knee replacement surgery that uses artificial parts as substitution of your knees. A makoplasty is also a common knee cap surgery that one can go for:

Relentless Pain Regardless of Medication

Before you even know you need a surgery, you must’ve experienced piercing pain and stiffness that makes it hard for you to climb stairs and to even walk, your rest is disrupted due to swelling of knees and knees defects. When you face this pain, no medication is helpful enough than the non-surgical treatment and the surgery itself. When dieting and exercising don’t make a chance to your damaged knees, refer to your doctor as soon as possible and surgery will be scheduled right away.

Preparing for Surgery

Before the surgery takes place, your surgeon will inquire for your medical history along with doing a physical examination including X-rays and blood tests to figure out how the damaged knees look like. From the X-ray, doctor will be able to identify how much muscles can support the knee and the movement of the joint. You are required to tell your doctor of the medication you are on. Eating 8 hours before surgery isn’t allowed.

It is said that patients who did knee-strengthening exercises in preparation for surgery sometimes recover more quickly than those who do not. Also, patients who have other medical conditions, are older, and smoke cigarettes may take a longer time to heal.

The Recovery Process

After the surgery happens, you can hardly feel your feet within 24 hours. Some may feel better, but some may feel worse than the arthritis itself. Fret not because the post-surgical pain is normal, and it happens to everyone who goes through the knee replacement surgery. If the pain is unbearable, doctors will treat the pain with pain-relief methods combination called multimodal analgesia to minimize the side effects.

Crutches, a cane or a walker, parallel bars may be needed in the first few days to strengthen the leg muscles. You should be assisted during these critical post-surgery hours by at least 1 person. You may also need to do training by walking a few hundred feet away over time. Discharge criteria may differ from each hospital. Some may want to see improvements beforehand. 

In conclusion, everyone needs to know what to expect before and after the knee replacement surgery, either to prepare yourself or in order to help assist someone in need, in the future. The pain felt post-surgery is temporary before the patient can finally get to fully use his or her knees back in normal again.

Types of Knee Cap Replacement Materials

Knee joint pain is related to deteriorating of knee cartilage called meniscus that functions as a shock absorber that has lost its function due to excessive weight being put on the joint. When knee cartilage broke down, all the sufferer feels is pain from the knee and downwards. Walking will feel like a total huge challenge, bending it would be a death wish.

Orthopedic surgeons highly recommend following a non-surgical treatment beforehand. If despite doing so still failing, then only will the experts suggest surgical knee cap replacement. For knee replacement surgery, we must know there are various knee parts and materials we can choose from, different types of implants and the reasons why only certain types match certain patients.

What types of materials are available?

Artificial knees are made of alloys of cobalt-chromium and titanium. No allergic reaction has been heard of over the decades of its usage. The knee implant can be designed with ceramic parts although it’s low in wear rate compared to metals due to FDA that hasn’t approved them for general use. Cemented model with external ligaments support is recommended for patients with weak and osteoporotic bone. While for healthy young people with physically demanding job, the ideal model is an uncemented knee design that allows bone preservation. Each of the material has its pro and cons and this can be discussed in detail with the doctors.

What types of implants?

There are more than 150 designs of knee implants up for demands on the market today. One of them is Posterior-Stabilized Designs where it substitutes cruciate ligaments part. PCL prevents thighbone from sliding forward too far on the shinbone when bending knee. Bruciate-Retaining Designs keeps both anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments and it’s new to the market. Another is unicompartmental implants. It is for partial knee replacement where only one side of knee joint is damaged. It’s used to resurface the other side. Tibial components consist of implants; fixed-bearing implants, and mobile-bearing implants. It differs in durability. Fixed mobile-bearing prosthesis wears down more quickly which causes more pain for the bones. Younger and overweight patients are suggested to go with mobile-bearing knee replacement which endures longer performance with less wear. Mobile bearing implants need support from soft tissues; ligaments around the knee or else it will easily be dislocated. Cost wise, mobile bearing implant costs more than fixed bearing implants.

Why doctors choose certain types over others?

Orthopedic doctors choose certain types of materials and implants due to long term results. They choose certain types due to durability and record of use of more than 5 years. Next, it’s because the surgeons are used to implanting those certain types for many times. Hence their expertise is in this implant type only. Lastly, surgeons choose certain types of knee replacement due to a patient’s condition, and this is one the major factors that will be considered.

Lastly, as consumers, we have every right to know the details of what we’re signing up for. As it will affect our daily living, therefore extreme precaution is needed. We need to know what knee replacement offers to us before making the decision.

Knee Cap Replacement and Other Alternative Treatments

Among the enjoyment of living is good health. Once someone is robbed from his or her health, not even wealth can regain it again immediately, even though treatment is possible. Hence, it is important for everyone to be aware of common health issues like osteoarthritis that largely affect many people in the age range between 55 and 75 years old. For those suffering from osteoarthritis, it is common for them to undergo a treatment procedure called knee cap replacement.

Which Conditions Require a Knee Cap Replacement?

The most common cause for knee cap replacement is osteoarthritis. When the cartilage in knee joint is worn or torn due to old age, it starts to cause pain during bodily movement. For years, we depend on the stability of our knee joints to move freely, so it can be a real discomfort and major life-changing factor once this condition worsens. Therefore, most people are willing to undergo knee cap replacement procedures, to regain their lifestyle and reduce the constant pain that haunts them day to day.

Sometimes, it is not old age alone that forces someone to undergo a knee cap replacement procedure. Knee pains can also happen to children or adolescents for many reasons. Children are prone to accident when they are involved in active play or take part in various childhood activities. Their knee cap can get injured and requires further complex treatment.

Athletes and those participating in vigorous recreation activities are known to be a high risk group to getting knee injury and thus, knee cap replacement surgery. Footballers, hockey players, rugby players and basketball players are all within this group. Movements that require sudden body rotation like in basketball arena can produce this type of injury. So, when taking part in these kinds of sports and activities, extra precautions must be put in place to avoid it.

Alternatives to Knee Cap Replacement

If you knee pain is still in the onset and you are looking for ways to alleviate the pain, you can consider some of the recommendations below.

Try to reduce your weight by eating healthy and exercising. Weight loss and exercise is known to have reduced symptoms of knee pain. You can also ask your doctor about physical therapy so he can recommend a good one for you. Working with a physical therapist, he or she will show how to strengthen the knee-related muscles and tissues or suggest to you other methods including electrical stimulation or ultrasound therapy.

In terms of medical treatment, people can also choose knee injection instead of knee cap replacement. However, it largely depends on the diagnosis made by your healthcare professionals because not all conditions are suitable for this type of treatment.

Knee injection involves the administration of hyaluronic acid by injection into the knee joint. It improves absorption and lubricates the joints, hence reducing pain and increase mobility. Another type of injection that a doctor may recommend is cortisone injection, which contain steroid. However, this is not a long-term treatment and it must be repeated.

To conclude, the best course of action is to discuss your conditions and symptoms with the healthcare providers. They can make proper diagnosis and evaluate your pain to plan further treatment.

What’s Your Mattress Type?

Buying a new mattress is can be overwhelming, especially if it been a while since your last purchase. There are many types of mattresses in the market, and finding the right can be tricky especially if you’re suffering from back pains. If you’re a Singaporean and are lost of choice, worry not; our guide has got you covered. Let’s explore the common types in the market to help you with deciding which type caters to your sleeping needs. Varying mattress types will give you the right support for your back pain ailments.


Innerspring have contiguous metal coils at their core and come with a comfortable top layer made of foam or fibers. This mattress is best for those looking for firmness and support.

The number and distribution of coils determine how well the mattress supports your body. Innerspring beds come with varying spring shapes and coil gauges that offer different levels of back support. Users who sleep on the back, side, and tummy sleepers can be comfortable on the right type of innerspring mattress.

Spring mattresses offer a variety of firmness options and are widely available.

Memory Foam

Memory foam provides excellent support and comfort because of the way it gradually conforms to your body as you sleep. When sleeping, the mattress adjusts to offer shoulder and hip support where you need it most. Memory foam is great for sleepers who don’t like a hard sleeping surface as it contours to your body while providing excellent support.


Hybrids mattress combined the best of both worlds into one comfortable product. Most options pair memory foam technology with an innerspring to create a cushion that offers excellent support and comfort.

The hybrid option has some advantages; users experience less motion transfer, especially when sleeping with a partner because the stand-alone pocketed coil technology absorb movements.

By combining the two technologies, hybrids retain the look and feel a normal sleep surface but with a little bit more bounciness.


Latex mattresses are more expensive than the other options in the market and are far out of reach for the average person. Latex comes from plants or petroleum products and is popular among eco-conscious consumers because of it environmentally friendly.

Just like memory foam, latex offers a soft yet supportive surface providing a comfortable surface that keeps the pressure off of areas like hips and shoulders for maintaining proper alignment. They are popular among people who experience back pains.

Air Mattresses

Air mattresses have been used for a long timefor outdoor use or temporary accommodations because they are highly portable. However, recent innovations have brought air technology into the bedroom with the option of filling the air chamber to desired firmness to the user’s preference.

They are made out of an air chamber that is then covered by padding and upholstery materials like memory foam or latex to create a comfortable sleep surface. They come with a remote control that is used to adjust firmness. The numerous chambers allow every user to customize their sleeping experience.

Gel Mattresses

This type of mattress has a gel that is added to a foam mattress in the support system or the upholstery. Gel mattresses can bounce back to original foam when you release pressure. If you don’t like the sinking feeling of memory foam, perhaps a gel mattress is the solution. In addition, gel mattresses dissipate body heat more effectively. So if you tend to get hot when sleeping, smart gel mattresses may help.


Back pains can be irritating not to mention the negative health hazards that they come with. The above mentioned types will go a long way to provide you with the needed comfort. So the next time you’re at the store looking to purchase a mattress, be keen on the type that you will settle for.

The Importance of Purchasing the Right Mattress for Back Pain

Roughly 70% of Singaporean adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, and for millions, this is a chronic, lifelong condition. Choosing the right mattress is crucial for individuals with back pain issues. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can worsen back pain. Inadequate support from a mattress leads to poor sleeping posture, strained muscles, and does not help keep the spine in alignment.

Mattress choice is very crucial since we spend a lot of time sleeping, so get one meets your preference, provides both comfort and back support helps reduce low back pain, allowing for proper spine alignment. Since you are spending at least 6 hours sleeping, getting the right mattress is very crucial.

With the many varieties of mattresses on the market, choosing the right mattress can be difficult. The following practical guidelines are designed to help sufferers choose the best mattress for back pain in Singapore that provides both back support and sleep comfort.

Personal Preference

Any mattress that helps you achieve a good night sleep with sufficient back support is a right mattress. There is not a single style of bed that works for everyone with lower back pain. So, choose a mattress that meets your standard of comfort and support and allows you to get a good night sleep. This is why you should go for a brand that offers free trial periods for you to test the mattress and find out if it works for your needs.

Understand the Mattress

The construction of the mattress will determine how well it supports the body during sleep. An innerspring mattress is more supportive than memory foam. These springs will vary for different beds. If you prefer a firm mattress for sleeping on, this type works great, it’s able to offer support to the back and adjusts with your movement during the night.

A memory foam mattress is both supportive and comfortable to lie on. You will get different levels of firmness with memory foam. You can choose a firm or a soft memory, depending on your needs. Mattress depths typically range anywhere from 7 to 18 inches deep.

There are hybrid mattresses in the market that combine innerspring and memory foam to create supportive padding that can be customized with firm or soft cushioning.

Know When to Get a New Mattress

Most mattresses have a life span of about 8 years, after which their performance starts decreasing. If your mattress is aging, changing it will most likely do wonders for your back pain. If your bed starts sinking or being uneven after sleeping, it may be the reason why you are waking up with a sore back. Also, springs can get damaged, causing poor back support. Getting a new mattress after noticing wear and tear will manage back pains during sleep.

A right mattress should provide support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine. The right amount of back support also helps the user avoid muscle soreness in the morning. While there is not much clinical data about mattresses, one study found that medium-firm mattresses usually provide more back pain relief than firm mattresses.

King Size Mattress vs Queen Size Mattress – Which is Better for you?

The only significant difference between a king and queen size mattress is in width but not in length. While a king size bed offers ample space for stretching, a queen size bed doesn’t have such and thus a perfect fit for smaller bedrooms with little space.

King Size for a Roomier Bed?

Because of its width, a king size mattress can comfortably contain two average – sized adults with enough space for each comfortably stretch out. Meanwhile, a queen size bed would put two persons of same size too close to each other with little or no room for stretching out, and this can negatively affect sleep.

Queen Size for a Larger Bedroom?

As much as king size mattresses might be more comfortable for sleep and a most preferred choice to couples, as it allows a couple to spread out, they are more costly than queen size mattress and are very heavy to move and require a large bedroom too. This challenge of space consumption makes it not an option for some homes as their apartments are relatively very small.

Other Considerations:

One of the best ways to knowing if a king size bed will fit in a particular bedroom is to make sure that after the bed is placed with other furniture like lampshade and dressing cabinet, there will still be some space to about 6 ft. (61 cm)  outside the bed for enough walk-able room.