What’s Your Mattress Type?

Buying a new mattress is can be overwhelming, especially if it been a while since your last purchase. There are many types of mattresses in the market, and finding the right can be tricky especially if you’re suffering from back pains. If you’re a Singaporean and are lost of choice, worry not; our guide has got you covered. Let’s explore the common types in the market to help you with deciding which type caters to your sleeping needs. Varying mattress types will give you the right support for your back pain ailments.


Innerspring have contiguous metal coils at their core and come with a comfortable top layer made of foam or fibers. This mattress is best for those looking for firmness and support.

The number and distribution of coils determine how well the mattress supports your body. Innerspring beds come with varying spring shapes and coil gauges that offer different levels of back support. Users who sleep on the back, side, and tummy sleepers can be comfortable on the right type of innerspring mattress.

Spring mattresses offer a variety of firmness options and are widely available.

Memory Foam

Memory foam provides excellent support and comfort because of the way it gradually conforms to your body as you sleep. When sleeping, the mattress adjusts to offer shoulder and hip support where you need it most. Memory foam is great for sleepers who don’t like a hard sleeping surface as it contours to your body while providing excellent support.


Hybrids mattress combined the best of both worlds into one comfortable product. Most options pair memory foam technology with an innerspring to create a cushion that offers excellent support and comfort.

The hybrid option has some advantages; users experience less motion transfer, especially when sleeping with a partner because the stand-alone pocketed coil technology absorb movements.

By combining the two technologies, hybrids retain the look and feel a normal sleep surface but with a little bit more bounciness.


Latex mattresses are more expensive than the other options in the market and are far out of reach for the average person. Latex comes from plants or petroleum products and is popular among eco-conscious consumers because of it environmentally friendly.

Just like memory foam, latex offers a soft yet supportive surface providing a comfortable surface that keeps the pressure off of areas like hips and shoulders for maintaining proper alignment. They are popular among people who experience back pains.

Air Mattresses

Air mattresses have been used for a long timefor outdoor use or temporary accommodations because they are highly portable. However, recent innovations have brought air technology into the bedroom with the option of filling the air chamber to desired firmness to the user’s preference.

They are made out of an air chamber that is then covered by padding and upholstery materials like memory foam or latex to create a comfortable sleep surface. They come with a remote control that is used to adjust firmness. The numerous chambers allow every user to customize their sleeping experience.

Gel Mattresses

This type of mattress has a gel that is added to a foam mattress in the support system or the upholstery. Gel mattresses can bounce back to original foam when you release pressure. If you don’t like the sinking feeling of memory foam, perhaps a gel mattress is the solution. In addition, gel mattresses dissipate body heat more effectively. So if you tend to get hot when sleeping, smart gel mattresses may help.


Back pains can be irritating not to mention the negative health hazards that they come with. The above mentioned types will go a long way to provide you with the needed comfort. So the next time you’re at the store looking to purchase a mattress, be keen on the type that you will settle for.

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